Kites - a chorus of birds who uphold the Laws of the Jungle.

Father Wolf - raises Mowgli. Kind and strong.

Mother Wolf - raises Mowgli. Loving and protective.

Wolf Cub - young wolf. Mowgli's younger sister or brother.

Wolves - other members of the pack.

Tabaqui - the jackal who acts as Shere Khan's servant. Two-faced, mad and cunning.

Shere Khan - the tiger who will stop at nothing to get Mowgli. Power-hungry - he wants justice for missing his kill.

Akela - leader of the wolf pack. She is ancient and intelligent.

Baloo - the bear who teaches Mowgli the Laws of the Jungle.

Bagheera - the black panther, friend to Mowgli and Baloo. She is slick, intelligent, and feared by many.

Mowgli - the boy who has been raised by wolves. 

Monkeys - foolish, chattering, imitative, star-struck, nervous and excitable.


Kaa - a wise, saucy, old snake. She helps Baloo and Bagheera confront the monkey-folk.

Messua - woman of the village who tries to communicate with Mowgli.

(with enough participants, this production will have two casts)