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This production is LGBTQIA+ friendly; many roles can be cast as any gender.

Character Breakdown

Reno Sweeney, a brassy evangelist turned nightclub singer
Reno's Showgirls ("Angels")
Hope Harcourt, a prominent debutante
Evangeline Harcourt, Hope's mother, a widow
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh a wealthy Englishman
Elisha Whitney, a tycoon
Billy Crocker, Whitney's young assistant
Moonface Martin, a hapless gangster, Public Enemy #13
Erma, a vivacious gangster's moll
Spit and Dippy, two rascall
y New York City street toughs
Ship's Captain
Ship's Purser

Sailors Quartet

Ship's Crew
Ship's Passengers

Featured Dancer

Tap Dancer

Waltz Dancer

Assorted Characters:
Fred, a bartender; Henry T. Dobson , a minister; a newspaper reporter; a newspaper photographer; FBI Agents; A Lady in a Wheelchair, and more!

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