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This production is LGBTQIA+ friendly; some roles will be cast as any gender.

Character Breakdown

A curious and adventurous girl of different sizes.

Gender: Female

Alice’s older sister, who is more logical and grounded than her sibling

Friends 1 & 2
Mathilda’s snooty friends who find Alice odd

Chesire Cats 1-3
Magical felines in three parts who don’t always agree; friendly guides for both Alice and the audience


White Rabbit
The perennially tardy royal trumpeter

Gatekeeper of Wonderland

Dodo Bird
Captain of the Queen’s Navy and referee of the caucus race

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
Goofy twins with impeccable manners who are easily confused

Rose, Lily, Petunia, Daisy, Violet
The rudely exclusive Flowers of the Golden Afternoon

A charming, theatrical, and encouraging soon-to-be-butterfly

Mad Hatter
A tea party host with a penchant for hats and making up rules

March Hare
The ever-celebrating and game-loving tea party host

King of Hearts
The Queen’s placid partner

Queen of Hearts
The highly feared, hot-tempered monarch of Wonderland

Wonderland Ensemble
The zany, magical, and unique characters that Alice meets along her journey, from cats and rabbits to flowers and doorknobs. This group includes participants in the caucus race who are swept up by the ocean of tears; Party Guests at the March Hare and Mad Hatter’s tea party; and Royal Cards, servants of the Queen and King of Hearts, including Ace of Spades, Two of Clubs, Three of Diamonds, and Four of Hearts.

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