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What’s the Best Way to Contact an STA representative?

Please email us at info (at) 

When Is the Parent Meeting and Why Do I Have to Attend?
Having a parent meeting at the beginning of each production helps everyone to get on the same page, and helps us to go over any details that might be different from show to show. Our parent meeting is typically held within the first 4 weeks of a production.

What Should We Know for Rehearsals?
The focus of musical theatre rehearsals is to teach songs, dances and blockin
g (movement on stage).

There are some things you can do to help us with this process:

1) NO SNACKS at rehearsal.  Only water.

2) Make sure your performer has used the restroom before rehearsal!   

3) Help your performer(s) practice at home. They should be listening to the music and practicing their lines out loud with an adult every day.  Kids need to practice often in order to retain everything - there are a lot of details involved in every show!

3) ATTENDANCE IS CRUCIAL. When your performer misses, they not only miss out on important information that we don’t have time to redo, but it significantly impacts everyone else they are with on stage. Please let us know in advance if your child cannot attend rehearsals, via phone, email or text. Unexcused absences may result in lines/parts being given to other performers.


Do Parents Stay for Rehearsals?
No. In fact, it’s better if you don’t.  If you receive permission and must stay, we do ask a few things.

1) Please stay away from the students, as far away from the "stage" area as possible.

2) Please do not bring siblings.

3) Please remain as quiet as possible, and step outside if you have to answer a phone call.

What Are the Costume Requirements?
We typically provide most of the the cost
uming, however, different shows and parts require different things. We will always request that your student wear specific  undergarments and may sometimes request that you provide some sort of base on which we can build a costume. This information will be provided after the show is in production.

Why Are Parents Required to Volunteer?

Volunteering is critical to keep Participation Fees and ticket prices affordable. A cast of 70-80 kids can result in over 300 costumes. Sets bring the story to life behind the actors. Without volunteers, STA will need to scale down sets and limit the number of costumes and props on stage, seriously impacting the experience for both the performers and the audience.

Why Do Parents Have to Buy Tickets to the Show?
Ticket sales go directly to cover the cost to rent our facility. Additionally, we have custodial fees, insurance policies and a number of other costs associated with the rental. 

We make every effort to keep ticket prices affordable. 

Where Does the Production Fee Go?
Theater is surprisingly expensive! In addition to facility rental fees, production fees cover all costumes, scripts, materials, sets, etc. Especially as we do new and bigger shows, we create more and more from scratch. We do not charge costume fees. In addition, there are on-going costs throughout the year, such as insurance and storage fees, which we pay whether we are in session or not.

Why Do Tech Week Rehearsals Go So Long/So Late?
The short answer: It’s theater. If your child continues to participate in any type of theater, the tech and dress rehearsals will run long and late. And because our students only get one dress rehearsal in their performance space with all the sound and lights (which is kind of crazy when you think about it!) we have to make sure everything is right. It just takes time and we greatly appreciate your support and patience.

Does My Child Stay Between Performances?
Everyone must leave the theater in between performances - no supervision is provided.


Can I Take Pictures?

Flash photography is dangerous for our performers. Audience members are welcome to take pictures but ONLY if there is NO flash at any time.

Why Can’t I Record the Show?
For most of our shows, we provide a DVD recording. Unfortunately, due to our licensing contracts, no audio or video recordings of any kind by audience members are allowed. Should recordings be made, we could be fined and/or lose our ability to license shows in the future. We appreciate your understanding.

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