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Scripps Theatre Arts

PO Box 23756

San Diego, CA  92193


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Scripps Theatre Arts Mission

The mission of Scripps Theatre Arts is to provide opportunities for youth ages 4-19 to directly participate in live theater productions, to provide enhanced educational opportunities for youth in various disciplines of performing arts, and to offer family entertainment to the community.


Scripps Theatre Arts Vision 

The vision of Scripps Theatre Arts is to create an environment where youth can safely take risks, master new skills and overcome fears; to provide an avenue for youth to develop confidence and self-esteem; and to foster a supportive environment for youth to learn empathy, compassion, and tolerance.

Scripps Theatre Arts Racial Equity Statement

Scripps Theatre Arts acknowledges the uniqueness of every human being and recognizes the need to strive and offer opportunities for youth of color, Native American and Indigenous youth, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth with disabilities. ALL are encouraged to participate. Scripps Theatre Arts is committed to inclusivity and authentic representation while simultaneously building community and fostering a place for all youth to develop their skills.

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