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How to Audition for an STA Virtual  Production

To audition for a Scripps Theatre Arts virtual production please use the Google Form  link below to submit a resume (or list of prior performances) and audition video.  Your audition video should be recent (within one month of submission) and must include your "slate" (self-introduction of your name, age, and audition performance title).

An online audition of this sort would ideally be a one-minute monologue, however, being that STA is an educational theatre program, other types of auditions are accepted. Please keep the audition close to one minute, whether it be a monologue, a poem, a story, etc. Try to avoid "off the cuff" speaking into the camera or reading from a book. Email us with any questions.

  • Casting calls are open to performers ages 7-16.

  • STA recognizes the need to strive and offer opportunities for youth of color, Native American and Indigenous youth, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth with disabilities. ALL are encouraged to participate. 

  • Every participant that submits a valid, completed audition will be cast in the show.

Casting Note:           

Scripps Theatre Arts is committed to inclusivity and authentic representation while simultaneously building community and fostering a place for all youth to develop their skills.


Being cast in a production, even a virtual one, is a big commitment.

Please look at family and school schedules closely before auditioning to ensure that your child can attend all rehearsals and performances.

Casting decisions are made with each performer availability in mind; it may not be possible to offer a role to a performer with excessive conflicts or conflicts that occur in the weeks leading up to performance. 

Attendance at rehearsals is crucial to the success of the entire production.

STA's attendance policy allows a maximum of two rehearsal absences during the rehearsal period.
No conflicts are permitted during tech rehearsals or performances.

Conflicts not stated during the audition process or excessive absences/tardiness may result in casting changes or not being able to participate in all scenes.


Participants of all abilities, races, genders, sexualities, nationalities, and religions are needed and welcome for our casts, crews, and production teams.​​​

We are committed to cultivating spaces in which participants can take risks, stretch themselves, and approach each workshop, audition and production as a fresh opportunity for greatness.

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