Uplifting YOUR Voice—Virtual Cabaret
A virtual live concert showcasing the talents of STA youth.


Premiering in October 2020

Directed by Wilfred Paloma

Produced by Scripps Theatre Arts

Seeking submissions from youth singer/actors ages 10 to 18 for a devised Cabaret Concert about the power of uplifting your voice and building community.


song, monologue, spoken word, poetry, dance...

we want to hearYOU!

Casting Notes:

Scripps Theatre Arts acknowledges the uniqueness of every human being and recognizes the need to strive and offer opportunities for youth of color, Native American and Indigenous youth, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth with disabilities. ALL are encouraged to participate. Scripps Theatre Arts is committed to inclusivity and authentic representation while simultaneously building community and fostering a place for all youth to develop their skills.

Production Details:

Devised Theatre is a process where participants work collaboratively alongside the director to construct the performance. This includes searching for and identifying the musical material in order to choose personally igniting content for the participant that fits and is relevant to the theme of the production. All of the individual pieces/songs will be woven together into an online 60-minute live concert via Zoom.
Devised Theatre is a fluid process and can also be a deeply revelatory experience for a participant. Participants with a background in Musical Theatre and Acting are strongly encouraged to submit. Each participant will have one-on-one work time with the director both to rehearse the music and address the thematic core/story within the chosen piece. The director will assist in procuring the necessary backing track/accompaniment for the participant, and will also curate the track to fit the needs of the participant. The participants, working closely with the director, will also be constructing their performance to include appropriate costuming/make-up and scene set-up/framing.

on a cellular device).

Important Dates:

Participants may NOT miss any performance or Tech Week rehearsal.

Rehearsals (all via Zoom) begin Monday September 21 and run through Friday October 23.

Specific rehearsal times will be set up with each participant and will occur over Zoom in 30-60 minute increments. The quantity of these rehearsals will depend on the individual needs of each participant. Each performer is guaranteed a minimum of 4 private, one-on-one sessions with the director. These will be determined by the families and/or the participants and the director/producer and flex to the needs of the production. Participants will also have weekly asynchronous performance rehearsals via a closed/protected platform (i.e. Flipgrid, Seesaw) to which the director will provide feedback.


Performance: Saturday October 24th; Time: Evening (TBD)

Production Fee: 

There is a $200 production fee to participate, due by the date of the first scheduled rehearsal. 

This fee encompasses the private 1:1 sessions with the director, tech rehearsals, and the live performance. (PayPal payments require a mark-up of 3% to cover associated fees.)

Optional $50 add-on: Performers can choose to have their individual piece recorded and rendered into professional-grade reel material at the director’s private studio (Wilfred Paloma – Studios) in North Park.

Video Submissions and Intent to Participate:

(Deadline to submit is Friday September 18th)        
Please fill out the “Intent to Participate” form:
When submitting, be prepared to upload a head shot, resume, AND a short video of the performer singing (can be a youtube link, vimeo link, google drive link, and/or clip filmed on a cellular device)

     Pay via Venmo ($200)