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Audition Workshop 

Kayla René is offering both a group audition workshop and private audition coaching for STA’s upcoming production of Mary Poppins. Whether you work better in a group setting or one-on-one, you will learn to choose the best song for your audition, present yourself confidently in the room, and shake the nerves that auditions bring. Set yourself up for success and get closer to your dream roles by putting work into this vital part of the process!

(Audition workshops are not a requirement to audition for an STA production. We offer these solely as an opportunity for audition support.)

Group Workshop: $20 per actor (2 hour session)
Private Workshop: $50 per actor (1 hour session)


In thse sessions, you can expect to:

  • Learn ways to prepare yourself to enter the audition room

  • Get feedback on your audition song(s)

  • Master your slate

  • Practice how to interact with the Creative Team during your audition

  • Discuss the top things that directors look for in auditions

Dates:  June 7 through June 25

Times:  various times available 

Location: STA Classroom

Participant age range: anyone auditioning for Mary Poppins

Cost:  $20 per participant (group); $50 per participant (private)

To register:
Audition Workshop - Group

Audition Workshop - Private

click "Check Next Availability" to access available dates/times

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