Audition Workshop

Put your best foot forward in your Shrek audition! Develop audition skills within a supportive, collaborative “mock audition” style environment to prepare a strong audition that showcases your talent and skills.

In this 1-hour session, you can expect to:

  • Learn ways to prepare yourself to enter the audition room

  • Get feedback on your audition song(s)

  • Master your slate

  • Practice how to interact with the Creative Team during your audition

  • Discuss the top things that directors look for in auditions

Dates:  June 16 and June 17

Times:  12:00-5:00pm  (choose from five 1-hour sessions each day)

Location: STA Main Room

Participant age range: anyone auditioning for Shrek

Cost:  $50 per participant 

Maximum class size in each 1-hour session: 3 students

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